BPS Vision and Strategy

In 2019, Billerica Public Schools had just undergone the "Billerica 2019" transition, which involved the opening of the new high school, the closing of the Vining School, the redistricting of elementary and middle schools, and a change in the district's grade configuration. The district is now looking into the future, asking the questions:

What is our vision for education for students in Billerica for 2020 and beyond?

In order to support students for their futures, what goals do we need to set, and how do we get there?

With these guiding questions, we enter into our visioning and strategic planning, which will guide the district in the work of cultivating educational programming that serves all of our students and families.

Community Hands

Community Vision Forums

Virtual forums were held for anyone in the Billerica community to participate and give voice to the district's vision and strategy planning. Below includes the dates when the forums were held.

Wednesday, December 15, 7-8pm (Focus Audience - High School)

Thursday, January 27, 7-8pm (Focus Audience - Elementary/Preschool)

Wednesday, February 2, 7-8pm (Focus Audience - Middle School)

Tuesday, March 15, 12-1pm (All Audiences)

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Working Groups

There are four (4) working groups currently working on different areas of the vision and strategy:

  • Curriculum and Instruction

  • School Climate

  • Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

  • Facilities and Budget

Steering Committee Members

David Adams, Teacher, BMHS

Kylie Cadet, Student

Alicia Corrigan, Parent

Danielle DeCesaro, Parent

Julie Doherty, Parent

Mark Efstratiou, School Committee Chair

Matt Flood, Assistant Principal, BMHS

Amit Gandhi, Parent

Jill Geiser, Assistant Superintendent

Christine Gibelli, Principal, Parker ES

Robin Hulsoor, Director of Finance and Operations

Brittany Marshall, Assistant Principal, Marshall MS

Tim Piwowar, Superintendent

James Sforza, K-7 STEM Curriculum Coordinator

Kevin Sharkey, School Counselor, Locke MS

Brenna Woods, Teacher, Ditson ES

Saish Yennampelli, Student