Billerica Friends of Music

P.O. Box 257

Billerica, MA 01821

The Billerica Friends of Music Organization is a parent group dedicated to serving the Performing Arts Department of Billerica Public Schools.  We encourage all members/families of performing arts students to get involved with BFOM, fundraisers, meetings, etc; but also welcome anyone interested in supporting our programs.

Monthly meeting dates can be found on the Visual & Performing Arts Calendar



Rich Modoono -


Gary Douglas -

Recording Secretary

Denise Modoono -

Corresponding Secretary

Debbie Bowen -

Fundraising Chairperson

Marivic Benitez -

3 Members at Large:

Jenny Day, Tom Joyce, and Ray Tice

High School Chapter President


Elementary/Middle School Chapter President

Craig Richard -

Fine Arts Director:

Chris Dearbeck -


BFOM Subs Are Back!

Sub Sale Coordinators this year are Craig Richard and Denise Modoono who have been working to ready once again, and we’re excited to kick this off on November 19th. Included here are dates and details of the Submarine Sandwich fundraiser (aka ‘sub-sale’). The information provided here should help you understand the process.

This year’s Saturday sub-selling dates are as follows: (dates subject to change):

Your total order (i.e., number of subs only) is due to by the Sunday before the sub date to make sure there is time to consolidate and order supplies. We cannot accept late orders. For example, orders for the first sub sale are due to the bfomsubs email by the evening of Sunday, October 14. Expect to receive a reply from this email with a day to confirm your order has been received. If you do not get a reply by Monday evening, please reach out again. Once the total number of sub orders are completed and sent off, we cannot accept additional orders for that month.


Sub preparation starts early with volunteers picking up rolls and another volunteer picking up other food ingredients after.

Upon arrival, please see the ordering coordinator to drop off your check or money order payable to ‘BFOM’ in an amount equal to the subs sold (We cannot accept cash or other forms of payment.). To help with recordkeeping, please note in the memo section of the check the following information: student name/school/grade/#subs. As you deliver subs, you will be collecting your reimbursement directly from the customers.


Once all subs are ready and sorted out to participant, sellers are responsible for subs delivery to their customers in whatever manner was agreed to between seller and customer. You may also arrange pick-up at the Marshall school during the time we are there.


Profit from selling subs will be recorded for each student in accordance with BFOM Scholarship Program and Student Accounts policies (ref: BFOM By-Laws). These funds may be used to offset costs associated with participation in performing/Fine Arts approved activities for Billerica Public Schools.

Please note: **If you do not come or cannot make it for a given month, you are not allowed to pick up the subs. Someone needs to be there to represent the student in order to get the credit for subs sold. This fundraiser only works if we have sufficient people helping to prepare the subs.

Sub Sale Flyer

Sub Sale Letter

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