Welcome Incoming 5th Graders!


Throughout the summer we will be sharing videos to welcome you and provide you with tips on how to be successful in middle school!

Webinar Agenda/Timestamps:

  • Welcome and Intro from Mr. Rossi & Ms. Marshall

  • Counselors 12:00

  • Team Teachers 16:20

  • Nurse 21:15

  • Special Education Teachers 24:33

  • Specials Teachers 32:10

  • Questions & Answers 52:00


Are there supply lists?

  • Supply lists are posted on the main Marshall website.

Will there be after school programs?

  • Yes! Information about that will come out once the year gets started.

  • Students will sign up for after school programs.

Do students need to bring in a note if they won't be taking the bus?

  • No they do not.

Are students going to be using combination locks and lockers this year?

  • We are excited to say students will be using locks and lockers!

Check out the Welcome video below from your future teachers and staff at the Marshall!

Marshall Middle School Information Pamphlet 2020-2021.pdf

Marshall Middle School Information Pamphlet

Special Welcome to the incoming 5th graders from the Marshall Staff!

Hear from our current 5th graders! They are offering advice and their experiences transitioning from elementary school to middle school.

Meet some of our Marshall students and hear their advice and experiences from their 5th grade school year.

Watch Mrs. McGinty

show how to open a

combination lock!

July 22, 2020: Mr. Rossi typically shares an orientation presentation for parents and students in person. Here is a virtual presentation of the same information. Keep in mind information might change based on the state guidelines around COVID-19.

Be on the lookout for the new updated Orientation Presentation.

Here is a video example of how the typical school day ends.

Here are some tips for staying organized during the school year!