Section 504

What is Section 504?

Section 504 is a federal non-discrimination statute that prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability. Section 504 requires that schools provide the accommodations, and in some cases services, designed to meet the needs of students with disabilities as adequately as the needs of non-disabled students are met.

Who is eligible for a Section 504 Plan?

In order to be eligible for a Section 504 Plan, a student must have a mental or physical impairment that substantially limits a major life activity, and requires accommodations or modifications in order to provide the student with a FAPE (free and appropriate public education). Services are required when a student, because of their disability, needs accommodations in order to meet their needs as adequately as the needs of non-disabled students. A 504 Team will determine eligibility.

What is a 504 Team?

A Section 504 Team must include persons knowledgeable about the student, the meaning of the data, and the educational options. This could include, but is not limited to: parent, student, counselor, administration, counselor, social worker, school psychologist, school nurse, etc.

I believe that my child may be eligible for a 504 Plan and would like my child evaluated. What is my next step?

Please contact your child’s 504 coordinator at their school. A list of coordinators (and their email address) is provided in the link below. The 504 coordinator will discuss with you your concerns and help you to decide if an initial 504 meeting to determine eligibility is right for your child.

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