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9th Grade Guidance Curriculum

Freshman year is an exciting year; full of new options, adjustments and challenges. Freshman orientation is designed to help students become aware of their resources at the high school and understand what is expected academically to meet graduation and higher education requirements. The guidance team visits all freshman classes in October. Classroom discussions take place around adjustment to the high school, resources at the high school, and future college/career planning. Each student is given a password to their Naviance account and is given a demonstration of how to use this helpful search engine. Naviance provides information about careers, colleges, BMHS acceptance trends to different colleges and a host of other educational resources. Each student has his or her own customized account and can email their counselor with any questions. Students are encouraged to use the program at home and share it with their parents/guardian. This year the guidance department purchased the “Learning Profile” inventory. Each grade nine student will take this inventory during the orientation program held in the various BMHS computer labs. The computerized results provide a comprehensive report that helps the student understand his/her learning style and offers customized tips on how to be academically successful. Students are also encouraged to begin creating a resume of activities and clubs that they are involved in throughout high school. There is a resume section provided in Naviance where the student can save information. Students are encouraged to pick at least one activity to get involved in whether it is offered in the school or outside of school. This information is valuable when the student begins to apply to college their senior year or an employer.

10th Grade Guidance Curriculum

Sophomore year is a very important year for students. Sophomore orientation is designed for students to focus in on what their unique interests are, what they might want to do after graduation and what they need in place in order to reach their individual goals. Graduation requirements are reviewed and students are encouraged to get involved in school extra-curricular activities or in the community if they are not already. The guidance team works with all sophomore classes in February. The classes meet in computer labs and they are introduced to a number of career computer programs they can access from any computer. During the orientation, students take the “Do What You Are” Career and Personality Profiler in their Naviance accounts. Students also explore where they take the “Reality Check,” to learn about the education and jobs that will help them maintain a certain lifestyle. Sophomores are reminded to maintain portfolios/resumes they can build upon throughout high school either in their Naviance account, by downloading an activities sheet from the guidance website or creating their own.

11th Grade Guidance Curriculum

12th Grade Guidance Curriculum